MacNeill Secondary School Thanks Players from the Richmond Jets Atom A2 Hockey Team!

On February 18th I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with several Richmond Jets players as a meeting had been set up for the boys, to bring to the school, a wonderful donation!  As it turns out the boys had heard about some fund raising that school staff had done to share with members of our school  community, experiencing some need at Christmas time.  The boys  and wanted to share some of their funds raised.

When I met with these young hockey players I could see that their parents were supportive of this giving experience for their kids.  These boys had worked hard to raise the money through their participation of a Skate-A-Thon.  Lap after lap, they described to me how each one of them has surpassed their initial goals!  They were proud of their individual efforts as well as of their group achievement!

I shared with the boys that at our school we try really hard to live the elements of POWER.  This is an acronym for our positive behaviour system.  ( P=Positive Attitude, O= Ownership, W= We not Me, E= Excellence, R= Respect). Many elementary schools have something similar in place.  Sure enough the boys recited the acronym for their schools and could easily explain the significance of each letter.  For a few, “W” standing for “WE not ME” both at our school and one of the elementary schools was well understood.  I explained that their generous contribution to the school who would in turn be using the money to support students at our school was a great example of them living out the “We not Me”  attribute.

I thank the boys and their families for their very generous donation.  It is great to see the Richmond Jets hockey team pull together to offer their young players an opportunity to strive to reach a common goal.  The kids are the real winners here.  Not only did they have fun and, according to a couple of the boys, skated many, many more laps than they had expected, but they have, as a group, participated in an Act of Kindness that will be well remembered for a very long time.