Richmond Jets U13C5

Coming into the tournament, the Richmond Jets C3, ’The Mighty Pucks,’ were poised for a strong outcome as they had only lost one game during their pre-season tier-balancing games.  With a strong defence and a smart offensive unit, the Mighty Pucks breezed into the third round and squeezed out a win.  From there, the semi-finals with their Richmond sister team was tight, winning 2-1 only in the 19 seconds of the third period due to an unfortunate penalty from their sister team, resulting in a penalty shot goal from the Mighty Puck’s Bingo Zhao.  While both the Richmond and Kelowna team in the finals were exhausted, they both battled hard, with Aidan Ng from the Jets scoring the first goal of the game from the point while Noah Cheng used his fantastic speed and puck handling to score the second goal right out of the penalty box.  While the game was tied in the third period and Bingo Zhao suffered some injuries, he came back with a jolt of energy and scored the game-winning third goal on a breakaway, ringing his puck off the top corner into the net.  From there, the Jets held on to win the game, 3-2.  Both goalies from teams were extremely sharp, with the Jets slightly outshooting the Kelowna team.

#1 Apple Zhao
#2 Noah Chiu
#3 Joshua Huang
#5 Nathan Zheng
#6 Owen Lundie
#7 Bingo Zhao
#8 Cypress Chan
#9 Alexander Kim
#10 Aaron Zhang
#11 Cohen Barha
#12 Noah Cheng
#13 Joshua Chiang
#14 Hero Iverson
#15 Devik Sharda
#16 Aidan Ng
#17 Wayne Tsui
#30 Aaron Woo