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All Returning Officials

Please remember you must take an updated clinic every season before Christmas. The update clinics typically go up on the BC Hockey Clinics page in mid-August. If you are 16 years or older, take a returning level 2 clinic. If you are 15 or younger, take a returning level 1 clinic.

Note: All officials that are 18+ require a Criminal Record Check

Please review the BC Hockey Officials page to get all information on clinics : BC Hockey - Getting Started


  • Get all the latest information on HiSports from the PCAHA website:
  • Tutotial: HiSports for Officials Module
  • Help: HiSports Help Online
  • Games are now in the HiSports system for all Associations
  • Officials can register at:
  • Use your email address to log into the HiSports officials component.  Check your profile and email (must be verified)
  • Enter your HCR ID and name, then please ensure your profile is accurate, then your calendar is there which is always important and this year is you must click on arenas and click on each and every arena name you are willing to travel to. If the arena is unchecked, you will not see any games there.
  • If you are already registered in HiSports you can just go to your profile and add other arenas to see those game options.
  • Add your available calendar dates and check available arenas if all above is done you will be able to see and request any game you are qualified to do.
  • Live notifications of any additions, cancellations, or changes that you need to confirm and the all-important reminders the day before. This is for all Zones and Associations.
  • If you see any issues registering or have any questions, please email

BC Hockey Referee Grading Levels

Official Division
Min. Official Level
Min. Official Age
Ref Grade
Line Grade
U6/U75 & 6U6 / U70111313
U8/U97 & 8U8 / U90111313
U10/U119 & 10U10A / U11A1121111
U10 / U119 & 10U10C / U11C1121212
U12 / U1311 & 12U12A / U13A11399
U12 / U1311 & 12U12C / U13C1131010
14 / U1513 & 14U14A / U15A11555
U14 / U1513 & 14U14C / U15C11566
U1815 - 17U18A21833
U1815 - 17U18C21844
U2118 - 20U21A22133
U2118 - 20U21C22144

New Hockey Officials

You must be at least 12 years old to be an ice official.

Step 1

Take the Hockey Canada UH Officiating Online Course. You can start this course at any time. You must complete the survey at the end of the course for it to be considered complete. The cost for this course is $25 for the 2023/24 season.

View Course Outline

Step 2

In September, we will make an online sign-up form available for anyone interested in becoming a Richmond Jets ice official and attending the in-person portion of the certification hosted by the Richmond Jets. Please note you must have completed the Hockey Canada UH Officiating Online Course before registering for the in-person clinic. The Richmond Jets typically accept about 35 new officials every year, but it's up to the discretion of the Referee in Chief.

If you are not among the first 35 players to take the course, you will be placed on a waitlist for refereeing. Please note that although you may be able to take a level 1 course in a neighbouring MHA, the priority for assigning games will be for those first 35 officials on our list.

Step 3

Once the New Level 1 Officiating Course is available online, the registration link for the Jets-hosted course will be emailed only to those who filled out the form in Step 2.  We anticipate that this course will be offered by the RIC as in the past, but this is subject to approval by BC Hockey.

Referee/Linesman Expense Allowances

Referee and linesmen expense allowances for all games within the PCAHA shall be in accordance with the following schedule:

Division 3 Person System 2 Person System
U9 and below N/A $20.00/$20.00
U11 C $40.00/$31.00/$31.00 $40.00/$40.00
U11 A $42.00/$33.00/$33.00 $42.00/$42.00
U13 C $45.00/$35.00/$35.00 $45.00/$45.00
U13 A $50.00/$37.00/$37.00 $50.00/$50.00
U15 C $52.00/$39.00/$39.00 $52.00/$52.00
U15 A $55.00/$41.00/$41.00 $55.00/$55.00
U18 C $58.00/$43.00/$43.00 $58.00/$58.00
U18 A $65.00/$47.00/$47.00 $65.00/$65.00
U21 / Juvenile $70.00/$50.00/$50.00 $70.00/$70.00

For any games exceeding 90 minutes, an additional $5 per official will be added for each additional 15 minutes of game time (rounded up).

No rate in excess of the above schedule shall be permitted (including exhibition, league, playoff, and tournament/jamboree games)

Where thee on-ice officials are assigned to a game but fewer than the assigned number appear, those official(s) in attendance shall be paid the single referee expense allowance per the corresponding 2-Official System rate.


If you have any questions, please let us know, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Referee Committee
Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association

Hockey Canada

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Summer Officiating Camps

BC Hockey runs two summer camps which are great opportunities to develop your skills.


RJMHA makes several awards to deserving officials at the RJMHA year-end recognition ceremony. The Mel Park Award commemorates a long-time dedicated minor hockey volunteer and provides a financial scholarship to attend the BC Hockey summer officiating camp. There are also awards for Excellent in Officiating, and for Best New Official. These awards will be granted by the Referees-in-Chief.

Key Contacts


Jeff Harms



Referee Assignor

Brandy Brundige


Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association

As one of the largest minor hockey associations in British Columbia, the Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association offers an integrated (boys and girls) minor hockey program from Initiation to Juvenile. Featuring both recreational ("C") and competitive ("A") streams, our programs operate out of the three different facilities in the City of Richmond: Richmond Ice Centre (RIC), Minoru Arenas (Stadium and Silver Rinks), Richmond Oval (North and South rinks).

Contact Us

PO Box 94488, Richmond, BC V6X 8V6

(604) 454 4494

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.