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Four Requirements To Coach for The Richmond Jets

Thank you for your interested in coaching a Richmond Jets MHA Team. Below is all the information that you need to become a certified coach in our association.

  • Coach 1 or Coach 2 Certificate

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC)

  • Respect In Sports

  • CATT - Concussion Assessment Training Tool

Hockey Canada ID

In order to register for a coaching clinic, you need a Hockey Canada Registry ID number. If you do not have one (if you have played minor hockey in the last 30 years you may already have one) please contact the registrar and provide your full legal name as it appears on drivers license, address, email, cell/mobile phone number, date and country of birth, and ethnicity.

If you have a Hockey Canada ID, you can login and check the status of all your credentials on their website

Criminal Records Check & Vulnerable Sector Check

New eCRC service
Identity verification: In the new eCRC system, an applicant’s identity is verified using their BC Services Card. If the applicant is using the BC Services Card to access the online service for first time, they will be directed to activate their card by video or in person through Service BC. Please note if applicants choose to activate their card in person, a mobile device is still required (iPhone, iPad, or Android).

As part of a criminal record check process, the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) will conduct a Vulnerable Sector (VS) check. The VS check is a federally mandated standard set by the national RCMP. The process determines whether or not an applicant has a record suspension (formerly known as pardons) for a sexual offence.

There is no charge associated with activating a BC Services Card and the criminal record check fee (if applicable) has not changed.

Get your Criminal Record Check
Access Code: RDXVQWH9CU

Your CRC is valid for 3 years

Reporting new charges or convictions:


Applicants must report new criminal charges or convictions to their organization immediately if they work or volunteer with children or vulnerable adults.

Applicants must complete a new criminal record check which their organization will submit to the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). Applicants cannot work or volunteer with vulnerable people until the consent form is submitted to the CRRP.

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport is an online course for all hockey volunteers who have contact with players. It will take you about three hours to complete. You will have to pay for the program and you will be reimbursed for the expense once you have finished it.

When you register for the course, use the same email address that you used for your Hockey Canada Registry ID to ensure that your results are attached to your ID.

Please ensure that you take the Respect in Sport module for Coaches.

Register for Respect in Sport

Respect In Sports is valid for 5 years

Concussion Assessment Training Tool - COACH COURSE

This 40-minute online course (take coach course), is free for BC Hockey members and is required before taking part in any practice or game.

CATT Course Website 

Once you have this course it does not expire

Coach Certification

Visit the BC Hockey Coaching Clinics web page to learn more about getting certified as a coach and click HERE for the BC Hockey coaching website.

Please note that you do not have to take a clinic hosted by RJMHA. You can take a clinic at any location that works for your schedule.

To take either the Coach 1 or Coach 2 clinic there is an online clinic that must be taken prior to registering for these clinics. Part A is called HU-Online Coach 1/2. You should take this clinic now even if you cannot take the Coach 1 or Coach 2 classroom/ice session until after the season starts. Then you will be ready to sign up for the Coach 2 clinic as soon as a session is scheduled and you will not have to wait.

You can register online for the HU-Online Coach 1/2 Clinic 

Coach 1 is required to coach in the U7 & U9 divisions.

Coach 2 is required for U11 to U21 C and U11A Rep. The program is delivered in two parts. In Part A, you complete the online program which covers topics such as The Coaching Code of Ethics, Skills, Drills and Thrills, Dealing with Athletes, Dealing with Parents, and the Philosophy of Coaching. In Part B, you attend classroom and on-ice sessions.

Once you have successfully completed your clinic fill out the course reimbursement form.

If you have any questions about the above matters feel free to contact Wayne Carleton, the Richmond Jets Executive Director.

  • Dec. 15 - Deadline for all U6, U7, U8, and U9 coaches to attend a Coach 1 - Intro Coach clinic

  • Dec. 15 - Deadline for all non-HC-carded coaches (U11 and above) to attend a Coach 2 - Coach Level clinic

  • Dec. 15 - Deadline for all U11, U13, and U15 team Head Coaches to have completed the Instructional Stream Checking Clinic

  • Dec. 31 - Final date for a non-HC-carded team to correct a HCSP deficiency

  • Dec. 1 - Deadline for coaches of HC-carded teams to attain required coaching levels [see BC Hockey Reg. 3].

Key Contacts

Executive Director

Wayne Carleton


Coaching Resources

2023-2024 BC Hockey Minimum Suspension Guidelines

Please ensure every participant registered to your team, league or association are made aware of this bulletin. The following minimum suspensions may not be reduced; Associations and Leagues may strengthen any of the listed infractions at their discretion. These guidelines represent all categories of Minor hockey and all divisions of Female hockey. Hockey Canada has updated Section 11 of 2022-24 edition of the Playing Rules. The updated rulebook can be found on the Hockey Canada mobile application (available in the apple or google play stores) or by way of this PDF edition. Furthermore, this VIDEO tutorial summarizes the changes the playing rules, updates to rulebook format and provides an outline of various clarifications to existing content; as reflected in this edition of the minimum suspension guidelines.

Read Minimum Suspension Guidelines

Hockey Canada Core Skills

Welcome to Hockey Canada's player development downloads.  Players, coaches and parents can get valuable resources, including practice plans, skill evaluation tools, core skills and more.

Download free hockey skill development resources

U7 Canadian Player Pathway
U9 Canadian Player Pathway
U11 Canadian Player Pathway

Hockey Canada Network

On-demand access to thousands of videos, articles and more. The Hockey Canada Network offers coaches, players and parents in every community across Canada access to the best information for developing hockey players. Download the app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device now.

Visit Hockey Canada Network website

Free Hockey Drill Drawing Tool

The free ice hockey drill drawing tool below is free to use. Draw your own drills and download the image or pdf of your diagram. The tool is 100% free to use so please enjoy!

The Coaches Site

Every Richmond Jets Coach has access to The Coaches Site. You have unlimited access to 150+ instructional videos, plus much more! Learn from the world's top hockey coaches.

Covid Drills

The programming committee has put together some drills that you can use with your teams in order to introduce some variety into your practices. It's always good to change things up and try new drills in order to keep players engaged during Phase 2.

View Drills


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As one of the largest minor hockey associations in British Columbia, the Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association offers an integrated (boys and girls) minor hockey program from Initiation to Juvenile. Featuring both recreational ("C") and competitive ("A") streams, our programs operate out of the three different facilities in the City of Richmond: Richmond Ice Centre (RIC), Minoru Arenas (Stadium and Silver Rinks), Richmond Oval (North and South rinks).

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