Congratulations to all our 2004 grads and scholarship winners! What an exceptional group of athletes and people!

Many of our grads have been playing hockey since Hockey 1 (U6) and have enjoyed an incredible hockey journey. Along the way, they have learned the value of being active and involved in youth sports and have an appreciation for everything that youth sports have to offer. At the Richmond Jets, we teach our athletes to be great team players, be involved, and give back to the community.

Our players had to pivot and adjust to a new reality during the pandemic. Many players discovered what a vital part hockey plays in their overall mental health. At the Jets, we were fortunate to offer an adjusted program that allowed the largest number of kids to enjoy the game they love.

Over the years, our grads have also learned the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Team sports teach you a life lesson: the success of a team — or an organization — depends on how well the players work together. Not even the “star” player on a team can win the game alone.

Hockey has also taught them to play fairly and respect their opponents. Hockey has taught them to put forth their best effort and exhibit honourable behaviour whether they win or lose a game.

Throughout the years, our grads have made many friends in hockey. When you join a hockey team, you will inevitably make friends. Because teammates share so many fun and exciting moments, these friendships will last long after they have finished playing. Cherish your friendships!

Our graduating players have learned to focus and manage their time. Sports require time and commitment. Many of our grads do well in school and are active in other sports and their community. Playing sports requires teenagers to develop two critical skills: focus and time management. Focus and time management are crucial traits in people who get things done and accomplish their short and long-term goals.

Many of our grads have proudly added hockey to their resumes. Team sports are a great addition to any college or university application. Colleges and universities favour well-rounded applicants. Playing a sport usually tells the admissions counsellor that you are disciplined, confident and work well with others. Our hockey grads have leadership potential!

Good luck to our 2004 class, and remember that you always have a family in the Richmond Jets! We wish you all the best in your next chapter!

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