STAGE 3 Return to Play Safety Guidelines

All 6 ice rinks at currently open and operational at Richmond Ice Centre. Please review the safety guidelines because things keep changing frequently.


Last updated October 21, 2020

Arrive 15 min before your ice session

Arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled ice time for check-in.  Rink entry is allowed only 15 minutes prior to ice time.

Health Check App

Every participant entering the facility will need to do a health screen via Teamsnap HealthCheck


Check-in lines will be set up outside of the main entrances for players.

Do not enter the lobby area until participants have shown TeamSnap HealthCheck results to team volunteer.

Players must wear masks

Masks are mandatory as per the City of Richmond.  All participants will need to wear masks outside and inside the building. 
No mask, no entry.

Social Distancing

After check-in, hand sanitize.  The HCSP (safety person) will take the participants into their rink or change rooms.  Please follow the directional flow arrows and signage while maintaining 2m distance.

Be fully dressed

Small duffle bags are allowed inside the rink and large hockey bags are allowed in the change/dressing rooms.

Change rooms are only available for 15 min before and after ice times.


An HCSP (safety person) will be designated inside the rink to help answer questions for players, direct traffic flow and attend emergencies.

numbered spots

There will be designated “numbered” spots on the bench for players and water bottles for proper distancing.

For game play benches as part of the field of play, therefore, can be used by teams and coaches without proper distancing.

Hockey Equipment

Coaches are to follow all Hockey Canada and BC Hockey regulations regarding equipment.  Masks are required as per RJMHA Health & Safety protocols

Coaches will have Covid-19 safety protocol training

The coaches will have education regarding illness prevention measures and Covid-19 protocols.


Under Phase 3, contact is allowed during games and practices.  During Phase 2  weeks, no games will be allowed and all practices must be social distanced.

Bring your own water bottle

Every athlete must have their own pre-filled water bottle prior to arriving. (no sharing)

No spitting

Spitting is strictly prohibited.

No public washroom for spectartors on main level

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED. No public washrooms are available for spectators.

You are allowed to use Stanley’s washrooms, enter from the outside entry door only.

Exit immediately after your session

Players have 15 minutes to vacate the ice rink. Please follow arrows and exit via the appropriate doors.


Please remember that we are all VOLUNTEERS doing the best that we can to give your child a chance to play hockey.


Group Size:

  • For practice - max capacity 22 participants
  • For games - max capacity 50 (includes players, coaches, HCSP, rostered officials, referees and scorekeeping)
  • No spectators permitted



Your cooperation and compliance with the above protocols is very much appreciated and will help ensure that we avoid any bottlenecking of people and occurrences where physical distancing becomes more challenging.


Thanks – RJMHA Executive

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