Chris Cayford Player Assistance Fund

Christopher Cayford is a former hockey player who grew up in Richmond. He was diagnosed with Extra Gonadal Stem Cell cancer about 5 years ago. He had 20+ tumors removed around this time. Through multiple surgeries, Chris lost a kidney and had his sternum cracked open in the process. Not to mention the most powerful chemotherapy post-op. It took him roughly 6 months to recover, never getting back to full form. But he did get back on the ice the following season. Chris had a couple of years with minor tumors taken out and was in relatively good health until a tumor was found in his liver. This resulted in more surgery, culminating in the removal of 2/3 of his liver. At this time it was discovered that Chris' cancer had mutated into Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumors, a specific type of sarcoma tumor, which is rare and difficult to treat.

In February of 2017, Chris was told that his cancer was incurable, and subsequently, physicians found multiple tumors, including in his hip, leg, and sternum bones. Although it was very, very difficult, he played through the pain and finished his hockey season, never complaining once.

Throughout the process, he did all he could to help others, educate and raise money for cancer research, and most of all, remain the best friend, teammate, brother, and son he could be.

Chris passed away in early 2018.

Mike McBurney, Sean Buhr and Adam Chambers are Chris' former Richmond Minor Hockey teammates and they want to honour his memory by finding a way to assist families for whom playing hockey is a financial challenge. They remember how hard Chris' mom worked in order to enable him to play hockey.

Chris' former hockey team has made an on-going commitment to fundraising each year. The funds raised will be used, in part, to assist Richmond Jets families with registration fees, team fees or equipment costs.

RJMHA will honour #13 Chris Cayford, with a specially designed Intro to Hockey jersey. If you see one of our Intro to Hockey players, you will see a very small #13 just below the Jets' logo.

We want to thank Chris, Mike, Sean, Adam and their teammates for this amazing legacy. We know that the entire Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association family is grateful for this act of generosity and ongoing tribute to Chris.

To apply for the Chris Cayford Player Assistance Fund 2020/21, please complete the application below by December 15, 2020.

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