2023 Board of Directors Candidates

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Gonzalo Del Castillo - Director

I am the father of three young boys all part of the Richmond Jets family. Along with my wife Tracy, we've been involved in various forms of volunteering for the association from coaching to division management. Hockey has increasingly become an important part of our family's life. It is important to me to give back and contribute to my community.
I am an executive for a large organization with experience in growing large profitable businesses. I will bring my organizational skill set to the Jet's Board to promote good business practice and fiscal responsibility. Alongside the other board members, I will advocate on behalf of the best interest of the children as we navigate through programming changes and evolve our programs in both the competitive and recreational areas.

Kate Chan - Director

Hello, my name is Kate Chan.  I've lived in Richmond for 15yrs and worked as a nurse for Richmond Hospital for 20 years.  I have been a member of the hockey community since 2011.  I have 3 boys currently playing for the Richmond Jets at the U18 and U13 level.  Throughout my time with the association, my kids have played at all levels, from Recreational to Rep.  This has given me a good perspective on the different challenges in each level.

I'm quite passionate about Minor Hockey and have volunteered in many different capacities over the years.  I was Division Manager for U7, U8, U9 for the 2012 age group (2018-2020).  I managed the U6 Division in 2021.  I wrote and implemented the Covid Protocols that the Jets submitted to the City and I helped run the Covid Committee (2020).  I have volunteered at the team level for many years - Team Manager, Treasurer, HCSP.  And I currently volunteer my time working with PCAHA as League Manager for U13A and I have done so for the past 6 years.
I know I can bring a unique skill set and experiences to the Board level.  I'm open to new ideas while keeping some of the hockey traditions as well.  I would love an opportunity to contribute, collaborate and give back in an impactful way.  I look forward to helping the Jets grow the association.


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San Cheung - Director

San has been a member of the Richmond Jets since 2016 and has dedicated her time within the association as a Team Manager and HCSP.  She has been fully committed to supporting the team, community and association by putting the kids first.

San grew up in Richmond and wants to give back to the community by supporting a culture that brings players, parents and association closer. Her philosophy involves aspects that encourage kids to play well with good manners, morals, and unity. She is motivated to create opportunities for kids to learn life lessons as well as build connections between them that carries outside of hockey while creating a safe environment for the players and parents.

San is eager to do good while ensuring that the association is running smoothly and successfully.


Trent Gustafson

Trent Gustafson - Director (Re-Election)

I am running for a second term on the Jets' Board. As a twenty-year resident of Richmond, both myself and my wife Pat are active volunteers in the community. I have helped build a Richmond business into one of the leading forestry export companies in Canada.

Over the past two seasons with the Jets, I have served on the Executive Committee as Vice President as well as on the Finance and Programming Committees. I've worked with the Jets' Risk Manager on successfully resolving several difficult issues that have arisen.  I'm very proud of having a role in starting to rebuild the Jets' on-ice and off-ice culture with the hiring of Linden Saip and Milton Chan and extending our Executive Director Wayne Carleton.

Working with my fellow Directors on the Finance Committee, we stabilized and solidified RJMHA's financial position following two very tough years of low revenue due to COVID. I am equally proud the Board has been able to freeze fees for registration for the upcoming season through its strong financial management.  The current Board has done a fantastic job of setting the Association on the right path, but I feel there is still work to be done to realize the Jets' full potential both on and off the ice. Minor hockey is undergoing significant changes, and I feel that my skill set is well-suited to help guide the Jets to navigate these changes successfully.


Hanif Hamir

Hanif Hamir - Director

Hanif has been a resident of Richmond all his life, and member of the Richmond Jets since its inception.

After earning his CGA designation in 2006, Hanif worked in public practice for a period of time and then turned his interests to entrepreneurial pursuits.  He acquired a small transport company in 2008 and began the process to grow the company until he sold the enterprise in 2020.  He now works as a consultant with expertise in the logistics field with a special interest in cross-border trade.

As a former director and Treasurer of the Jets, he brings valuable experience to the board.  He has seen first hand the positive impact of sports on young kids.  He has coached and managed teams in both hockey and baseball.  It has been through this involvement in youth sports that he has also met and connected with numerous individuals that he continues to call friends.


Madeleine Lau

Madeleine Lau - Director (Re-Election)

I am a full-time hockey mom who drives my son to countless games and practices and helps manage his team’s day-to-day activities. During my five years tenure as a hockey mom and team manager, I have also been involved with other volunteering roles as assistant division manager for U9 (2019 and 2020) and U15 (2020). In addition, being known for my meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills as a Professional Engineer, I am currently participating as part of the Governance Committee for RJMHA and preparing the Bylaws and Policies. Outside of my hockey life, I am a board member of the Richmond Lacrosse Association and serve as a member of the Richmond Arenas Community Association (RACA).

I am a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong and strive to share my hockey experience with people from various cultural backgrounds. My happiest moment is to see kids enjoying the Canadian
National Winter Sports.


Mark Rustia

Mark Rustia - Director (Re-Election)

When I first ran to be a director a couple of years ago, I said the reasons I wanted to be on the board and the goals I wanted to accomplish were to help improve the programming, keep the cost of hockey low and to create a fun, equitable and inclusive hockey environment. I believe my work as a director over the past two years has shown that I followed through with what I said I was going to do. I want to continue serving the members of the RJMHA and see through everything we started to work on over the past couple of years.

As the chair of the Tournament Committee, Volunteer Committee and Sponsorship Committees, I helped bring in revenue and lower costs to the association. As the U7 Division Manager, I wanted to work with new hockey families, coaches and volunteers and to help them as they embark on what will hopefully be many years of their youth hockey journey.

If elected, I will work with the new Volunteer Chair on improving the Volunteer Program regarding communication and the new tracking software. I will continue as chair of the Tournament Committee and continue on the path of what was a very successful year for tournaments. I would also like to continue as Sponsorship Chair and help grow our list of community partners and sponsors.

Lastly, I would like to expand my focus to the entire U7-9 and “C” divisions. For U7-9, I would like to help keep the U7-9 parents informed and involved, provide support to the coaches/managers and ensure we create a fun, inclusive and learning environment for both the kids and parents. I would also like to help with the creation of a committee where the focus would be on the “C” or “House” program.

Being an RJMHA director is not just another voice on the board but also requires a lot of time and effort to do the work.  Voted as RJMHA Volunteer of the Year this past season, and as most people that know me can attest to, I am committed to putting in the time and effort to be a productive and effective director for RJMHA.


Charmaine Schmaltz

Charmaine Schmaltz - Director

Charmaine is a dedicated and passionate member of the Richmond Jets community, committed to
promoting and developing the sport of hockey at all levels. With 10+ years of experience in safety,
business improvement, and management systems, Charmaine brings a wealth of knowledge and
expertise to the board of directors.

In addition to her professional background, Charmaine is deeply committed to community engagement
and youth development. She has actively volunteered with local youth volleyball and taekwondo
programs, fostering a positive and inclusive environment for young athletes.

As a lifelong hockey enthusiast, Charmaine, with the support of her husband (then boyfriend), first put
on skates at age thirty, learned to play hockey and never looked back. She continues to play in the ASHL
and PAHL leagues. Recently, she undertook a head coach role in the U7 division. This firsthand
experience has provided her with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by
players, coaches, and administrators within the hockey association.

Throughout Charmaine’s career, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a solid ability to
collaborate with diverse groups of individuals. Her work and volunteer experience have allowed her to
hone her strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities, which will be invaluable in shaping the
future direction of the Richmond Jets.

As a member of the board of directors, Charmaine is determined to contribute to the growth and
success of the association. She is eager to collaborate with fellow board members, coaches, parents, and
players to ensure that the Richmond Jets remains a vibrant and thriving organization for years to come.


Edmund Soong RJMHA

Edmund Soong - Director

Edmund's involvement in Richmond's minor hockey program started with Seafair MHA 8 years ago. He is actively involved in his three children's hockey development fulfilling roles such as on ice helper (NCCP Coach 1), team manager, treasurer and HCSP. He has an encouraging and collaborative approach to the game that is acknowledged by players, coaches and his peers. Edmund's professional skillset in Risk Management and 15 years of experience as Director of a registered non-profit organization supporting BC's Logistics and Supply Chain industry will be an asset to RJMHA.
As a member of the board of directors, Edmund will actively promote transparent communication to stakeholders and is committed to make impactful decisions to grow the sport within our community.
Michael Starchuk

Michael Starchuk - Director (Re-Election)

Dear Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association Members,

My name is Michael Starchuk, and I am seeking the opportunity to continue to make a positive contribution as a Director on the Board.
I have lived in Richmond all my 42 years and am the oldest of 5 boys. My involvement with minor hockey in Richmond started 30 years ago, first as a player, which I played right through to Juvenile and continue to play to this day. I have been a referee for 25 years and a Coach for youth since the age of 20, which took on a different meaning for me when my son began playing. He will be entering U13 second year. Previous to the past couple of years on the Board, I coached, was a Division Manager and helped to do some coach interviews with the Jets. During the last two years as a Director, I have been a member of the Rep Committee and Ref Committee. The past year I organized the Awards/Volunteer Appreciation Night, which was the first several years. For the past two seasons, I have organized what has become a special event that I believe is unique to Richmond hockey, which was Opening Day. Now these have been my main responsibilities for the past number of years. I would like to continue with these responsibilities and build off them to continue to grow positively with the community.

Throughout all this time, I have maintained some key goals when communicating with players, their families and other team officials. I want everyone’s hockey to be safe and fun, provide tools to be a positive contributing member of society and encourage the growth of lifelong hockey players.

If our paths have not crossed at the rink, there is a good chance they have crossed at my place of work. For the past 20-plus years, I have worked for a non-profit society that provides school-aged child care for families in Richmond and Vancouver. My goals for the children at the Society are the same as above, just minus the lifelong hockey player part. I have been the Managing Director of the Society for seven years. I have been successful in my role because I believe that transparency, good communication and being financially responsible are the cornerstones of a great Society. In this position, I manage a Staff team of 35 who are challenged daily to be better than they were the day before, “If you are
not growing every day, that’s when you are dead.” As part of my current role, I facilitate quarterly volunteer Board of Directors meetings, our Board is a harmonious environment, and we are able to work constructively to ensure we make positive contributions to Society and our communities.For the reasons listed above and many more, I believe I can continue be a positive contributing Director on the RJMHA Board. You are welcome to contact me if you have further questions of me.

Thank you for your consideration.Michael Starchuk

Steve Yip

Steven Yip

Steve Yip is a highly experienced coach with over 24 years of coaching experience and is known for his exceptional leadership skills. He has been a long-time coach for the Richmond Jets and is certified as a High Performance (HP1) coach. In addition to his coaching role, Yip is also actively involved in various sports organizations. He is a board member for both the Richmond Amateur Hockey Association (RACA) and Richmond Ball Hockey, as well as the Richmond Sports Council.

Yip's contributions to the sport of hockey have also extended beyond coaching. He was a U16 Male BC Evaluator in Salmon Arm from 2007-2009 and is BC Hockey Certified to assess coaches on acquiring their Dev.1/2 certification. With his impressive coaching and evaluative background, Yip has become a highly respected figure in the hockey community.


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