A1 Declaration Process & Rep Evaluations

A1 Declaration Process & Rep Evaluations

This message is for Richmond Jet players who will be trying out for Rep this coming season.

Please note that while the A1 Declaration process and Rep Evaluations have certain parameters set out to ensure a fair and transparent process, the number of players who participate will ultimately prescribe the format at each level and stage. We urge all members to register immediately for the upcoming season so that the organizing committee can finalize the number of ice times, games, skills session (if needed) and timeline.

This season we will be using the “A1” declaration format for part of the rep evaluations. At every Rep level except Juvenile, Richmond Jets Minor Hockey is asking players to declare their intention to try out for the A1 team. But as mentioned above, the actual format and timeline will depend on the number of declarations and registrations.

If a player participates in the “A1” declaration process, they will participate 1 skills and minimum 1 game and up to 3 games and then either be released to the A2/A3/A4 or C process or stay with the A1 training group to practice.

After each session, if the independent evaluators agree that a player is not suitable for this level of evaluation, they will be removed, and the Division Manager will notify the player of their next ice time. The A1 Declaration is not a free skate and those players that are demonstrably out of their element will be withdrawn.

Reasons for the A1 Declaration:

• Rep Process is streamlined - A1 is set earlier, then A2, A3, A4 and Presidents league will be set earlier.

• Players not suited for A1 or no desire to play A1 will not be evaluated for the A1 level.

• Remove unnecessary match-ups during tryouts - i.e. first year Rep player with 2nd year returning A1 player.

Questions parents need to answer before declaring intent for A1:

Is my child at the A1 level?

Is our family prepared to commit to the A1 level?

As a first year player, is my child better suited to playing a larger role on an A2, A3 or A4 team as opposed to a lesser role on A1

Will my child be tired and not at his/her best going from the A1 declaration process into the A2/A3/A4 Evaluations?

If you are unsure if your child is suitable for A1, ask a past coach or trusted friend. Using the A1 Declaration tryout for “conditioning” should be cautioned. If the independent evaluators feel at any time before the “A1” declaration process is complete that a player is not “suitable” for this stage of the evaluations, a player can be released at any time into the A2/A3/A4 or C process.

Questions parents may have about the process:

If my child is released from the “initial” A1 process, do they automatically go to A2?

ANSWER: No, they will enter the A2/A3/A4 or C tryout process with no guarantee of where they will end up.

Are the A1 and A2/A3/A4 tryouts at the same time?

ANSWER: No, the A2/A3/A4 stage will commence after the A1 Declaration tryout is completed.

Are independent evaluators still being used during the first evaluation process?

ANSWER: Yes, independent evaluators will be used to reduce the A1 pool down to a training squad for the 2nd round of tryouts.

When are the tryouts and will this alter the tryout schedule?

ANSWER: As Per the Registration package, the “A1” Declaration process and goalie evaluations are scheduled to start on Saturday Aug 25th

What if only 19 players declare for “A1”

ANSWER: The purpose of the independent evaluation is to reduce the rep training groups to the ideal number of 20 skaters. This group will practice and play in exhibition games. The coaching staff is responsible for making the final decisions at this stage. If only 19 players declared for “A1”, all players would move to the training group stage and but would not be guaranteed 3 ice times (at least 1 game) and would NOT be guaranteed a spot on the A2 team as an evaluation is still needed to see if a player is “suitable” for A1. Keep in mind that this situation is very rare but still possible.

How will the goalie process work?

ANSWER: “All” Goalies will be evaluated during a goalie skill session before the A1 scrimmages and then assigned based on this evaluation in conjunction with the A1 declaration.

If your child participates in the A1 Declaration process and does not make the A1 training group (second round), they are placed into the A2/A3/A4 rep tryout or C process.


As this is a registration based tryout, further information will be provided after the Association compiles the number of players who intend on trying out at the A1 level in each division.

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